Recover, Relax, Recharge: with just a shower.

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a true world-first for your customers.

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A noticeable upgrade for any hotel room shower.

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WELLFIT for all

With HANSAEMOTION, we are presenting all customers an exclusive, genuine innovation: a unique shower system with three therapeutic regenerative functions that are executed via the handshower and can be selected very easily at the press of a button. Use it to turn your home shower into a place of relaxation, recovery and recharging – with award-winning style: in 2017, HANSAEMOTION successfully turned heads amongst the juries at the iconic awards for innovative products. HANSA was also awarded as a manufacturer for its HANSAEMOTION shower system. In addition, in 2017 GOOD DESIGN® formally recognised us as a manufacturer of bathroom fittings by awarding our outstanding product design.

arrive at work refreshed

Turn your home shower into a place of relaxation, recovery and recharging: simply press the Wellfit button on the thermostat, take the handshower and one of three different regenerative programmes will commence with alternating hot/cold phases. These programmes have been proven to have a positive effect on the body and mind.



After pushing your body to its limits, this programme with its intensive cold water intervals helps you to regenerate and feel fit and vital again. It prevents aching muscles and can even boost the cardiovascular system in the long term.

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Klick 1x



The name says it all – this programme is all about well-being.
The gentle temperature changes with lots of hot water phases help you to relax, wind down and let go. Just switch on to switch off.

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The day starts with a shower to get you going.

The well-balanced hot and cold RELOAD programme stimulates blood circulation, wakes you up and gets you moving – the perfect start to an active day.

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Or top fit. Or regenerated. At the touch of a button.

High-quality, corrosion-resistant DZR brass guarantees long life and lasting water quality.

Available in ‘space grey’ and ‘clear white’.

Available in a separate version for baths. All the versions are also available without the Wellfit functions.

Thermo Cool: since the water line and housing are separate, the surface of the thermostat does not heat up.

The Wellfit responds to a simple touch of the fingertip and the 38 ºC hot water stop warns you of any excessively hot temperatures.

The emotion benefits at a glance


A shower range in its own class.

The HANSAEMOTION-Wellfit thermostat is a standout feature in and of itself. Together with a hand shower from the HANSAACTIVEJET series, you will even have the perfect twin set to visibly enrich your showroom and show off your competence in advice on bathroom comfort and wellness.



The pulsating massage shower not only feels great, but by specifically focusing on certain areas of the body, it also helps to relieve tensions.


The Sensitive setting treats the body to a soft, full and relaxing shower experience.


The setting for daily use, ideal for washing longer hair and at the start of the RELOAD programme.

A WORLD-FIRST that benefits your business too.

HANSAEMOTION enriches your showroom space with a genuine world-first and creates an incomparable talking point for your business. On top of that, the Wellfit shower system offers many advantages for your professional work.

scores of benefits
for plumbing pros.

  • A true eye-catcher
  • Piques interest
  • All-round knowledge and service


Now you can offer your guests a wellness experience in their hotel room. Simply hop in the shower and press the button to enjoy three programmes that can be activated using the Wellfit button on the HANSAEMOTION Wellfit thermostat. Steel yourself for the day beginning with your morning shower, relax after a busy day at work or regenerate following a tough training session. It's all about what you want and how you feel.

we take up

At HANSA, Green Responsibility means developing and using modern, environmentally smart technologies – for minimal water and energy consumption and compliance with strict international guidelines.


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sustainability as a company principle.


We take your health particularly seriously. For this reason we use high-grade materials to ensure that it's only water of drinking quality flowing out of your HANSA fittings.


No nasty surprises in the bathroom or kitchen: HANSA fittings possess innovative safety features such as an integrated 38 °C hot water stop and THERMO COOL to avoid scalding.


We only use high-grade materials for our fittings, such as dezincification-free MS63 brass, which is exceptionally long-lasting and therefore also better for the environment.